The dawn of Radiant Markets …

It seems as if it was only yesterday that I posted a note about leaving my corporate job at Scripps Newspapers to join Maroon Ventures. In fact, it was almost exactly a year ago.

It’s been an incredible year, and now Maroon Ventures is about to spin off its first startup: Radiant Markets. Wes Jackson will be the CEO of Radiant, and I’ll be working as the chief operating officer. Together, we’re hoping to create a business that offers effective, affordable and measurable results for small and medium businesses.

Here’s a link to the press release announcing the formation of Radiant.

It’s going to be another action-packed year …

6 replies on “The dawn of Radiant Markets …”

  1. Bob –

    Congratulations on your new (maroon) venture! I look forward to hearing more.


  2. Go get ’em Bob. You are the only guy I know that only shows up in photos when the camera has 1000 speed film to catch your speed of motion… Best wishes for a successful launch.

  3. Wow… I checked in for your latest Kayak Picture, and found this!!
    Best wishes and Congrats!! Can’t wait to see where this goes!

  4. I was just thinking about you, and wondering how your plans were progressing! Looks like they are going well…..let me know how it goes!!

  5. Congrats Bob! I had a bottle of conundrum tonight and thought of you. Best of luck on your new venture. – K

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