Bay polypore (Royoporus badius)

This one stumped me. I watched as it began fruiting on a large maple limb that looks as if it’s been down for a long time. The iNaturalist bot was suggesting they might be oysters, but there were no gills so I figured it was some sort of polypore.

Bay polypore shortly after fruiting
I decided to wait a few days and keep an eye on it. This photo was taken 4 days after the one above, and when I fed it to the iNaturalist bot this time it suggested bay polypore. Bingo (or at least bingo based on my limited knowledge of mycology).
Underside of bay polypore, 4 days later. Badius derives from the Latin root badi, meaning reddish brown. As is visible above, the stipe is a dark color, contributing to the other common names “”black footed polypore” or “black leg ploypore.”
In this earlier shot, the stipe hasn’t darkened yet.

Turkey tail (Trametes versicolor)

Found a beautiful flush of turkey tail while I was walking Sunny near Dove Cottage recently. Took me a bit to figure out if it was the real deal or false turkey tail. It’s real. Might harvest some to make tea …

Pretty sure this third photo is turkey tail, too, but I didn’t check to see if it has pores so I’m not certain. I was more smitten with the way it was surrounded by moss.

Life’s a beech

Footage from last spring of a doe munching beech leaves in front of the game cam. I haven’t been putting it out as much as I should.
Caught these deer grazing along the future route of Dove Trail, which I’m building to connect Innisfree with the forest on the western boundary.

Game cam confidential

I set up my game cam in the north hollow a few weeks ago and was eager to retrieve the images on it. Overall, disappointment. Lots of squirrels. A few interesting canine type critters. Raccoons. And my favorite of the bunch: a wild turkey.

The mystery ear …
A dog or maybe a coyote gets up close and personal with the camera.
Raccoon …
Raccoon encore.
After almost two weeks in north hollow, this is the only deer image on the camera. Very surprising given the number of deer I see in that area.