I’m leaving KnoxVegas …

After 12 great years in Tennessee, Lara and I are packing up and leaving Knoxville to move to Las Vegas.


Mainly because I’ve landed a job with Greenspun Corp. that was too great an opportunity to pass up. I’ll be working as executive vice president of Greenspun Media Group, which includes their interactive division (the amazing Rob Curley and Co.) and their local media assets. I’ll be landing there in mid-July, but I’m already itching to start scheming.

What about Radiant Markets?

When Lara was laid off from her job at Scripps Networks Interactive, it became clear I couldn’t spend a year building a startup and not taking salary. So I started casting around for a “regular” job that could accommodate the entrepreneurial, startup spirit I’ve been enjoying since Wes Jackson and I launched Radiant last fall. Greenspun Media Group was the perfect opportunity. Wes will continue with Radiant Markets after I head to the desert. Perhaps the greatest thing I’ve gained since leaving my job with Scripps a year-and-half-ago has been the opportunity to work closely with Wes. He’s one of my best friends and his business acumen is second to none.

How can I leave Tennessee?

To be honest, it won’t

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  1. Wow! Congratulations to you both. Pat and I have realized that you have to go after the things you want and sometimes the risks pay off! Good luck with everything, I will definitely keep in touch!

  2. Bob,
    The beautiful thing about transferable skills is, well, you get it. Check out our newest venture when you have time. God bless you.

  3. Wow, congrats! Somehow I knew you weren’t gonna hang around much longer. Do keep in touch and I’ll be looking you up the next time I’m in Vegas!

  4. Good luck to you and Lara, Bob! It sounds like an exciting opportunity. Thanks for some excellent margaritas during your time here. And for introducing me to the biggest dog I’ve ever met!

  5. For some reason, all I can imagine is a Christmas tree with neon lights, a water display, and volcano…somehow it fits.

    Congrats and good luck!

  6. I wish the two of you the very best! And thanks so much for your very positive contributions here.

    Oh, wait, you guys are a large reason I’m bloggin’ & tweetin’.

    Never mind.

    (Joking aside, God Speed!)

  7. Wow! Exciting news, Bob. I’m sure you guys will love it out there. I hope you find this new adventure both fun and rewarding. Congrats!!

  8. Bob-O!!! Wishing you and Lara only the best! I certainly will grind my teeth knowing you have access to sunshine 24/7-especially on snow days in Knox!!!! Congrats!

  9. Welcome back Out West!

    Las Vegas and its region should be fascinating for you two.

    I seem to change cities every decade or so myself, though 20 years in Albuquerque was more than I’d anticipated. Now I’ve returned to Seattle, the city I liked best, where I intend to stay put. So if you’re ever up this far Northwestward, I hope you’ll plan on visiting me.

  10. Congratulations, Bob! I just heard the news! That’s a pretty exciting change. I’ll be jealous of all of the fine dining opportunity right on your doorstep. Good luck in Vegas, you’ll have to let me know when Buddy is playing the MGM Grand…

    Take care,

  11. Congrats Bob, I wish all the best for you and Lara! Vegas is a lot like Knoxville really. Add a few more people, casinos, acts of debauchery, and they’re practically the same place.

  12. Absolutely great news, although I’m not sure Vegas is ready to experience the Benz. What a good month. First the Pens and then the Vegas Benz. Congratulations.

  13. Welcome back to the West, Bob. We could all use a business model, so you think you might get cracking on that? Thanks in advance. Best of luck!

  14. Congratulations, Bob. I’ll enjoy following your success and your perspective of Vegas. I hope you have room for the kayak in the moving van. Best wishes to Lara, too. I hope she finds something she likes to do. Maybe we will have the chance to visit you in Vegas some time…

  15. Bob, we are really going to miss both you and Lara. You all are two of my favorites, especially Lara. I look forward to catching up before you leave. Let’s make sure we keep in touch.

  16. Bob, congratulations to both you and Lara. Glad to see you’ll be back in the West. Can’t wait to see what your scheming produces.

    BTW, if you need someone to impersonate Teller, I think I can pull it off. Just think of the side show we could set up, at least until someone realizes the real Penn and Teller are on the other end of the Strip.

    Best of luck!


  17. Congratulations, Bob! While I’m bummed that you and Lara are leaving Knoxville, I’m very excited for you and this new opportunity. And heck, Vegas should be awesome!

    Hope to see you all before you venture off.

  18. The ad-venture continues.

    Australian aborigines map their country with ‘songlines’ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Songlines) that identify landmarks and help them remember how to get where they want to go. This is quite a beautiful songline you are weaving. Congratulations!

  19. I can see you in Vegas. It is full of dreams and good luck. It will be fun watching what new stuff you dream up out there. Good luck Bob!

  20. Bob!
    This is perfect. Now nobody will look oddly at your christmas tree after your ornament party. Considering how odd Vegas looks anyway your tree will fit right in. Also this will finally give me a legit reason to go out there and have a look – Comdex (or whatever it’s called now) was not enough but now I may be able to combine visiting you and comdex at the same time 🙂

    Hope you will have an uneventful move and not lose anything valuable in the process… I do however wonder how the dogs will take the heat, especially your newf…

    With hopes a fun time is had!

  21. Bob,

    Congratulations to both you and Lara! Sure, the desert Southwest isn’t exactly East Tennessee, but I know that you both will do great out there. Plus, when the Penguins have to move there in a few years, I will be able to see you sitting next to the glass, cheering them on!


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