Yet another reason to love Tivo …

Most folks who know me know I love my Tivo. And my Tivo loves me. Here’s another reason that I love Tivo. As you watch shows, Tivo lets you give them “thumbs up” and “thumbs down.” Based on your input, it starts recommending shows that it thinks you might like. Sometimes, these recommendations are downright strange. For instance, I had a tough time convincing Tivo that I don’t like “The Jeffersons.”

But I recently expanded the hard drive on my Tivo (to a whopping 110 hours), and now Tivo has more room than ever to record suggestions for me. Recently, it found a gem.

There’s a show on BBC American called “Coupling.” After watching it once, I told Tivo to get a season pass (it will now be recorded whenever it’s on, without me having to do anything.). I’ve seen two episodes now and the show is hilarious. I highly recommend it. BBC America largely has been a disappointment, but “Coupling” is the best show I’ve found there since “British Men Behaving Badly.”