Two more TV picks … Bernie Mac and Insomniac

1. My madpig brother (he of cloven hoof) recommended “Insomniac with Dave Attell” on Comedy Central. Attell, a standup comic, finishes a show in a given city, then sets off to investigate the local nightlife, taking the viewer along for the ride. Attell offers some great, often seedy, glimpses into the flora and fauna of that populate city steets after midnight. The San Francisco show was a scream. They’re all funny. Check it out. (Though the web site leaves a lot to be desired … typical Comedy Central overkill with some faulty Flash photo galleries and an annoying Smirnoff Ice rich media ad (who drinks this shit?).

2. “The Bernie Mac Show“: This is the best think I’ve seen on Fox in a long time. Well written. Well acted. And it’s funny as hell. Bernie Mac takes in his crack-addicted sister’s three kids. And the reluctant father figure has a tough time adjusting. My favorite episode is the Christmas show. In each show, there are segments where Bernie Mac speaks into the camera, addressing the audience as “America.” In this one, he’s drinking potent eggnog and is progressively drunker each time he addresses the audience in these asides. I was howling.